About US

Founded in 2016, FixAField is the very first platform dedicated to building, repairing, and beautifying baseball and softball fields worldwide. 

FixAField is a baseball and softball field crowdfunding and fundraising company located in Austin, TX.  Formed in 2016, it is our mission and goal to connect baseball and softball field managers with donors who care about the game and their community.

Unlike other crowdfunding and fundraising platforms, at FixAField, donors know exactly where their money goes. All users registered on our platform are invited or approved to use our system. We do this to protect the integrity of our mission.  

We do the due diligence on every user before they register a field with us, so that our donors do not have to. This is what differentiates us from other crowdfunding platforms.

At FixAField, it is our goal to create enduring partnerships with school districts, municipalities, little leagues and other youth baseball programs, to help them get the funding they need to make each and every field better within their community.

How it works

Add Your Field

Sign up for free and add your field to our platform.  You can add pictures, videos, a description of the field, upgrades needed, list sponsorship opportunities, create events and more.  Take advantage of our free tools that can help you bring in donations to improve your field. 


Spread the Word

Once you've added your field, begin sharing on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word. Reach out to past sponsors and donors and let them know about your field listing. Take the opportunity to rally your community together around your field improvement efforts.  


Collect and Take Action

Once you begin accepting donations, reach out to our team and our partners with any of your field maintenance related questions as you begin to take action. We're here to help you every step of the way. Your field of dreams is just around the corner!  

Advisory Board
Mike Gigliotti

Co-Founder and Yankees Fan. Mike is committed to helping youth baseball and softball organizations get more funding to improve their fields and facilities. 

Scott Barry

Co-Founder and Mets Fan. Scott has a deep passion for the game and is dedicated to improving playing fields for baseball and softball teams across the country.  

Joel Rieker

Ball Field Guru and Cardinals Fan. Joel brings more than 10 years of experience in managing sports fields to FixAField. He is here to help guide you to a field of dreams!  







Our Mission

In its simplest form, we exist to help improve baseball and softball fields worldwide.  Thousands of ball fields are neglected every year because of tight budgets.  That's why we stepped up to the plate...to help bridge the gap...even if it means small improvements from time to time. Join us on our mission to improve the quality of ball fields in a neighborhood of your choice.